We Care About Our Customers!

Since Lock-down stared here in South Africa many of our friends, family, customers, & even colleagues have started struggling mentally & financially.

It has broken our collective heart seeing this happen and not being in a position to be able to provide relief to them on a macro-scale.

As part of our "Giving-Back" initiative we've decided to continuously give away our products & hampers to our supporters, because we understand how valuable food can be at times like this.

All hampers are worth ~R600 and absolutely everyone can enter our giveaway! We've decided not to put a limit on how many we give away- but rather give any & everyone a continuous fair chance.

Below is a detailed list of how to enter, and why we request it!

There are four (4) steps of entry, all of this can be done in under two (2) minutes:

FACEBOOK: There is a pinned post on our Facebook page, all you need to do is like, comment & share it! We ask our supporters to do this so we can build a community around them and their friends & family. We love each & every one of you and unlike many other businesses we WANT to interact with you and hear your honest feedback.

SURVEY: After completing the Facebook steps there is a survey you'll have to complete requiring very basic information- 'name, contact, favorite pie, etc.'. We ask for this just so we can get to know you a little bit better! There's a section asking "why should we choose you?" we very much look forward to & appreciate your response!

From us here at Mighty Meal Pies, we wish you health and safety in these upcoming days & weeks! - We'll get through this together.

Please don't forget to complete all of the above steps if you choose to enter!

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Mighty Meal Pies is a hands-on family-run business, owned by the Whisgary family, who have a 20-year track record in the manufacture of top quality pies and pastries.



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